Interior capacity, overall size and efficiency are key considerations when it comes to a commercial refrigeration unit; however, the one thing you really need to focus on is safety, as this aspect needs to be prioritized. You need to know how to keep your unit operating safely, and certain guidelines need to be followed once a commercial refrigerator is installed. This will not only increase the longevity of your unit, it will also optimize its performance while keeping your business safe from potential damage that can occur as a result of a faulty installation or poor maintenance.

In order to prevent problems with your commercial refrigeration unit, you must follow these safety guidelines:

Make Sure You Have Enough Refrigerant

This is required within the system as it’s what allows it to reach lower temperatures that are needed to preserve food. This would prevent any food from spoiling, so if your refrigerant is low, it’s a sign that there is a problem, and you likely have a leak within your system. This leak must be found and repaired, after which you can refill the system. Failing to detect the leak first will allow refrigerant to be released into the atmosphere, and this would be a violation as it would go against the regulations, and you would face heavy fines as a result.

Make Sure Your Fans Are Unobstructed

These fans work to push out hot air to keep the inside of a cooler cold, and blocking them would be dangerous for the components in your unit. This would also increase your utility bill, so the fans should never be obstructed.

Make Sure The Thermometer Is In Proper Working Order

This is a must as it will help maintain proper temperatures. Low temperatures will result in frozen food that is spoiled, and higher temperatures will allow bacteria to breed, and this would spoil everything you had contained in your unit.

Inspect And Repair Leaks Right Away

If you detect a leak, it must be immediately repaired; otherwise, you will come across standing water, which can lead to slips and falls by employees and customers.

Complete Regular Maintenance

This, too, is a must as it will ensure the safety of your product. Faulty wiring will result in failure and can also lead to a fire which can damage your property. Electrical components should be checked semi-annually, and other components like the condenser coils and drain lines should also be checked regularly because if any of these are faulty, your refrigerator will not be able to maintain its temperature, and your entire unit may be at risk.

Contact A Licensed Commercial Refrigeration Professional

Only an expert should inspect your unit, and they are the ones who can make repairs as needed. 

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