Energy Savings

Refrigeration Savings Potential

In food processing plants, refrigeration systems make up, on average, 75% of total energy consumption. With the growing increase of energy cost conservation is a growing concern.
HECO Limited’s mandate since 1980 was and is to provide our customers with the most economic solution, not just during install but for the lifetime of the equipment.

Cash flow positive installation

A HECO standard energy savings project will regularly have an ROI of 2 years, however, we have succeeded to improve that. With the aid of our commercial lease program, we can provide terms to provide net positive cash flow throughout the entire lifespan of the lease. Refrigeration systems which pay for themselves!

Custom Solutions to save energy since the beginning

Energy savings, especially for refrigeration systems, is not a new topic to HECO Limited. Back in 19XX one of our first projects saved a customer over $225,000.00 per year in energy cost.
HECO has been customizing units and equipment to provide customer specific solutions at an economic cost.

 Industrial Refrigeration
refrigeration systems Customization

Save ON energy

We work with the utility provides such as Toronto Hydro and Niagara Peninsula Energy to provide the OPA incentive programs which work best for you.

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