Refrigeration products come with service agreements and packages, so it’s very important that you check on this aspect to see what is being offered. When going through the contract, you need to address your unique needs, as everyone has different requirements when it comes to maintenance. Some people may need maintenance on a monthly schedule, for example, while others may need service once every few months. Additionally, you may have special servicing needs like assistance starting up or shutting down seasonal refrigeration systems, so this, too, is something you have to consider.

When looking at your refrigeration maintenance contract, you need to see a description of the services you are going to receive. This will tell you what you can expect from the maintenance company whenever they visit your home or facility. Tools and physical labour should be included in this section, as should visual inspections, personnel training and documentation so that there is no room for error or miscommunication. Personnel training would provide you with periodical training on proper operating and maintenance procedures, so if this is something you requested, make sure it’s included in your contract. If you have mechanical rooms or units, you may require visual inspections of their components and other important areas of your refrigeration system, so this, too, should be included in your contract. Ultimately, you should have a thorough description of the services you will be receiving so that everyone is on the same page.

Another thing you should look out for in your refrigeration maintenance contract is a detailed schedule. Whether you require weekly, monthly or bi-monthly visits, this information needs to be specified, and the amount of time that the maintenance company will spend at your facility during their visits should also be included. Most service agreements will also state how much notice you’ll receive before your maintenance visit so that you can decide on a specific date and time and plan accordingly.

You should also be aware of everyone’s responsibilities and must have peace of mind that your contractor is using safe practices when servicing your equipment. As a client, you will be responsible for keeping your facility clean and obstruction free so that the contractor can do their job. When this information is clearly stated, the maintenance process will be more efficient, and everyone will be more productive. Additionally, both parties will know exactly what is expected of them, and this will make things a lot easier for everyone.

A refrigeration maintenance contract is very important because this type of agreement will eliminate any surprises or confusion. All of the information will be clearly stated, and it’s your contract that will set the standard for the work that needs to be completed. If you ever have any doubts about a situation, you can take a look at your contract for clarification.

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