Working outdoors is part of servicing the industrial refrigeration equipment and with the unpredictable climate we have here in Canada exposure to both extreme heat and cold is unavoidable. When working on rooftop piping and condensers during the cold months, you will face challenges as well as hazards which is why it is extremely important to follow the proper procedures so you are not at risk.

The right knowledge will prevent frostbite and hypothermia because there is such a thing as acceptable working conditions and if it is too cold you cannot perform the required tasks correctly. A person’s body temperature must remain steady otherwise it will not have enough energy for work nor will it be able to maintain normal body function. In order to work comfortably in cold weather conditions, you must dress appropriately in clothing that is suitable for extremely cold temperatures. Loose-fitting layers are recommended because your body will be able to trap heat whereas too many layers will cause you to sweat and experience chills when it begins to cool. Fabrics like wool and polyester fleece are great options to consider.

Working in the cold is not an easy thing to do and it’s not just uncomfortable but may also be hazardous to your health. The right training and education are both necessary for employees to have because it will allow them to detect signs and symptoms of cold-related dangers and illnesses. Safety guidelines must be provided by the employer along with equipment that contains thermal insulation and tools that can be used while the employee is wearing winter gloves. You may also have to adjust the rate at which you work if the job is outdoors because you don’t want to sweat excessively and get your clothes wet as you’ll become chilled. On the other hand, standing still, sitting for too long or working at a slow pace can cause you to become cold so you’ll have to find a balance that allows you to work and service industrial refrigeration equipment comfortably. 

A body will have difficulty adjusting and compensating for the rate of heat loss whenever it’s extremely cold and whenever a person’s body temperature begins to fall the exposed parts of the body may start to feel pain. The body may also experience numbness and shivering and once the body is no longer able to recognize cold pain it becomes very dangerous because injuries can occur without the person even noticing it, including hypothermia. 

For these reasons, it is very important to be both knowledgeable and prepared if you need to service industrial refrigeration equipment during the winter season so that you’re not in danger. The right company will ensure the job is done right without putting any of their employees at risk which is why  HECO Ltd in Hamilton is who you need to call if you’re looking for industrial refrigeration contractors!