Commercial refrigerators often function continuously to keep the refrigerated products at an adequate temperature. Even the newest, well-maintained, industrial refrigerators need to have routine preventative maintenance and can still experience operational issues. If you find yourself stuck with pesky refrigeration maintenance problems, it’s crucial to know what solutions are necessary to restore it.

The experts at HECO Ltd have a few tips to help you detect the issues with your industrial refrigerator and how to solve them. Check out the four potential causes for your refrigeration problems.

Accumulation of Ice Inside The Refrigerator

Ice build-up can occur relatively easily when warm air from the outside is released into the fridge and causes the interior to condense. This may not initially be a problem, however, if ice or frost begins to develop, it can be indicative of inadequate air ventilation, leaks, or the refrigerator doors being left open for long periods. The results of ice build-up in the refrigeration system can include:

  • Extremely low temperature
  • Evaporator fan motor failing
  • Defrost system is malfunctioning

Unable To Maintain Proper Temperature Levels

If the industrial refrigeration system is not providing adequate cooling to the products inside, there may be a variety of root causes. Malfunctioning thermostats need to be adjusted immediately, as they can result in products, especially food products, spoiling inside. The potential causes of temperature fluctuation include:

  • A dirty condenser or evaporator coils
  • Failing compressor, thermostat
  • Dirty fans
  • Doors are not sealed effectively

Refrigeration System Is Not Powering On

When your industrial refrigeration system is unable to power on, it’s paramount to have the issue resolved immediately. The cause may be something as simple as the power cord not being plugged in completely or wiring that is ineffective. If these examples are not the cause of lack of power, the issue may be a problem with the power supply itself and not the refrigeration system. HECO Ltd. industrial refrigeration contractors will always check out any power issues prior to servicing the unit.

Odd Noises Coming From Unit

Noises will often come from the compressor, fans or motor when the refrigeration system is in operation. However, strange noises may indicate specific issues, ranging from a failing compressor to a fan motor that may be out of place. Attempting to indicate the cause of the sounds on your own can be complicated and confusing. Our industrial refrigeration company will evaluate and solve the cause of the unfamiliar sound coming from the unit. Ignoring any strange refrigeration sounds can result in more expensive repairs that you can avoid by calling HECO Ltd sooner rather than later.

HECO Ltd’s high-quality industrial refrigeration systems are designed to meet your requirements. From design to installation, our industrial refrigeration contractors in Hamilton work with you to ensure you have the ideal industrial refrigeration system for your business. Need preventative maintenance or service for the unit? We offer 24/7 emergency service to keep your refrigeration system optimal. Give us a call for a FREE estimate today!