Your commercial refrigeration unit is an expensive investment, but can really break your budget when it starts to malfunction. Proper, frequent maintenance is critical to avoid spending a fortune on repair costs and prevent the system from consuming far too much energy. What exactly can you gain by scheduling routine maintenance and cleaning for your commercial refrigeration equipment?

Find out exactly how much your system and wallet can benefit from regular tune-ups and cleanings below:

1. Prevents the Daunting Emergency Breakdown

The thought of your industrial refrigerator failing can send chills up your spine. A breakdown can completely be avoided by spotting any errors or issues with regular maintenance checks from industrial refrigeration contractors. Investing in maintenance is a small price to pay to avert a much larger repair bill later on. HECO Limited industrial refrigeration experts can replace worn parts far enough in advance before they have a chance to cause the system to breakdown. Along with replacing worn parts, we can check electrical cords and components that can cause a power loss, provide a thorough cleaning that can reduce wear on the unit and more.

2. Avoids Mould Development and Contaminated Ice

When any refrigeration unit is neglected, it is at risk of breeding mould and carrying other bacteria, such as Salmonella, Listeria and E. Coli. This is a health hazard to your employees, customers and your business as it is at risk for facing a health code violation and a potential lawsuit from employees or customers. Even if the unit is on an automatic cleaning cycle, dirt and mould can still accumulate inside it. To prevent this from occurring, schedule a maintenance appointment, along with start-up and shutdown maintenance twice yearly to have the contractors disassemble the system and clean the components thoroughly.

3. Reduces Energy Bills

Having your industrial refrigeration equipment regularly looked at can save you as much as 10% on your energy bill by ensuring the unit is running optimally at all times. Dirty condenser coils make your refrigeration unit work extra hard to continue maintaining the temperature within it, which uses more energy while doing so. Our industrial refrigeration company will clean coils, replace any worn hardware and check the settings inside the unit including the temperature and defrost frequency settings

4. Extend the Unit’s Longevity

Frequent cleanings and maintenance not only guarantees your refrigeration system will run efficiently, but can also extend how long it operates as well. If worn parts are dirty and left neglected, the system will run more often and cause far more wear to the internal parts. Eventually, it will cause the industrial refrigeration system to break down.

Whether your commercial refrigeration equipment requires a maintenance program or you’re in search of a unit for your business, HECO Limited can help. With locations in St. Catharines and Brampton, our industrial refrigeration contractors can service those in Hamilton, Niagara, Toronto, Brampton, Brantford and Guelph. We are committed to providing energy-saving, industrial refrigeration solutions for many industries. Contact us for a FREE estimate on a service today!

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