Food safety is a huge priority in the food business, and so is efficiency. Blast chillers offers both, while decreasing food waste to ultimately save you money. Blast freezers and chillers operate by decreasing temperatures of food products at a rapid rate. The quick cooling minimizes loss caused by evaporation compared to regular refrigerators. The rapid cooling also helps to decrease ice crystal size that forms in the food when it’s frozen. Ice crystals, especially large ones, damage frozen food and can cause excess moisture that ruins the food’s flavour.

Want to learn more about the benefits of a blast chiller and freezer? Here are some additional features the freezer can be used for:

More Space for More Products

Blast freezers can come in a variety of sizes to suit a business that is big or small. They can also help you store more products and have less waste. With the rapid cooling of a blast freezer, that means your frozen produce lasts longer and allows for more time to add new products. Some produce can be frozen for months on end, reducing food waste to a massive degree. 

Brand Improvement

Investing in a blast chiller can be very beneficial for the image and company brand. You are ensuring customers that your produce is high-quality, fresh and full of flavour. The life of poultry and fish can be extended greatly to maintain freshness. Customers will also be impressed by the efficiency, as blast chillers hold more food, and can be thawed quickly to feed many people. 

This is especially important for businesses catering to schools or the public sector. Nutrients are being preserved in the blast chiller, unlike a regular refrigerator, which accommodates to places/people that rely heavily on nutrients, including schools. 

Eliminates Bacteria

Refrigeration trucks have a higher risk of spreading bacteria, as they’re moving food perishables over long periods of time. The food’s temperature range can decrease if it’s not monitored and germs will form. Whereas a blast chiller’s rapid cooling keeps food frozen and the temperature maintained which leaves no time for bacteria to develop. Bacteria can not only degrade the quality of food, but can potentially be harmful when consumed. When the temperature is below freezing point, bacterial growth decreases. Temperature plays a significant role in this, but also how the blast freezer reduces free liquid water activity. 

Prevents Food Shrinkage

Some foods can shrink in size and weight through moisture loss from regular fridges, which you don’t have to worry about with a blast freezer and chiller. Blast chillers can reduce the dehydration level of food products by completely preventing natural evaporation. 

HECO Ltd. is your one-stop-shop for all of your industrial refrigeration needs. We offer the most efficient blast freezers/coolers to keep your produce fresh, sealed and ready to be made. Our service and maintenance programs will ensure that your new cooling equipment is working perfectly. Request a free estimate on one of our freezers or coolers today!

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