There are many reasons why choosing the right industrial refrigeration system for your business is not an easy task. Industrial systems offer a wide range of designs. How do you know which one is which suited for your business?

First and foremost, it helps to remember that the equipment in commercial systems are far more powerful than regular refrigeration systems because there is a greater quantity of food stored commercially that requires greater care.

Industrial cooling systems also require better cooling facilities, accurate temperature control and active resistance against corrosion. Door storage, common to home refrigeration systems, comes with food safety risk because products stored on door shelves are not usually that cold. Commercial storage needs to comply with health code requirements. Despite their massive sizes, commercial refrigeration systems need to be easy to clean with auto-defrost to make the task easier. They need alarm-activation to send alerts for low temperature and open door, and powerful compressors to maximize performance. It is an investment that needs to last for years, even decades.

Industrial refrigeration systems provide a variety of services for a variety of commercial cooling applications. From walk-in refrigerators and cold storage rooms to spiral freezers for immediate freezing and custom cooling equipment, industrial refrigeration companies are responsible for installation, maintenance and repair services for a wide array of businesses from stores, skating rinks to restaurants and warehouses. The services include equipment sourcing, testing, regulatory approvals, repair and replacement of components.

In commercial refrigeration, you also need to consider operational ease along with efficiency for maximum output, energy efficiency and reduced wastage. Here are a few more things you need to be aware of while selecting one for your facility:

Select the Right System
Industrial refrigeration systems offer several sizes and utility options to help you pick the best for your business:

  • Blast Chiller: Ideal for food storage to meet specific regulations for safety and handling.
  • Display Freezer: Designed for shops and stores to allow customers to view the contents through a glass door and pick their choice.
  • Glass Top Freezer: These freezers are designed to allow customers to view the contents from the top without opening the door.
  • Drawer Refrigeration: Installed below kitchen countertops so they slide out for easy access.

Easy Installation and Regular Maintenance

Whatever cooling system you choose for your company, make sure it is installed by certified professionals. Choose experienced technicians who are certified in HVAC/R in commercial spaces. They carry all the tools required for correct and safe installation and offer aftercare repair services too.

Reliable Service
Modern industrial refrigeration systems come with many inbuilt features to maximize efficiency. The right size, colour, design and food storage capacity are all important to enhance aesthetics and last long in good condition. Consider the door of the unit to allow easy view and food access.

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