As the fall season ends and winter begins, it’s time for you to rev up your commercial building’s heating. Without a powerful heating system, it is difficult for occupants to get through the cold months. Insufficient heating in a commercial building leads to inadequate comfort, higher energy bills and lesser revenues when occupants look to shift their base. The proper temperature is also essential to protect equipment, appliances and more importantly, the health of occupants.

HECO Ltd., a one stop shop for design, installation, financing and energy savings for industrial refrigeration, ensures that customers obtain the highest return on every dollar they spend towards their refrigeration system. See how it helps.

Schedule Maintenance

Professional maintenance is a must for your building’s heating to stay in good condition. Heating failure doesn’t often happen overnight. Typically, smaller damages over time lead to bigger issues when it goes unattended. Prevention is cheaper than a cure. Schedule regular maintenance to make sure the heating system stays healthy. It allows the technicians to go over the entire system, looking for any potential issues, and resolve them before they flare up into serious problems. Annual check-ups reduce the odds of expensive repair costs in the future by as much as 90% and increase energy efficiency substantially.

Replace the Heating System

Despite all the maintenance over the years, your heating system still has a lifespan for a fixed number of years. Look out for repeated issues such as frequent breakdowns and sudden expenses in operation. If the unit is over 20 years old, expect performance to get affected and have a technician check out the system in person. Sooner or later, be prepared to install a new heating system.

What Heating Maintenance Involves

Heating maintenance does not disrupt company operations in commercial buildings. At HECO, we make sure it’s done fast and effectively. Our technicians conduct a thorough inspection, checking to see if the air filters are clean or if they need to be replaced. Once everything is done, we check the performance of the entire system. If further repairs or parts replacement is required, we inform the building management and arrange another visit to fix them. In all, it typically takes about an hour or two.

Scheduling regular maintenance reduces power wastage and saves you considerably in utility bills. It also protects the environment, increases comfort in brutally cold weather and protects equipment. Make sure you get the best out of your investment.

HECO: Heating and Cooling is Our Business

At HECO, we provide full installation for your facility. We provide furnaces, boilers, chillers, air handlers, air filtrations and fully integrated controls for energy-efficient systems. For commercial building maintenance and servicing, such as for storage, restaurants, wineries, breweries and apartments, give us a call to keep it running in good condition. Our trained mechanics and management offer 24/7 service. We assist day and night, weekdays and weekends. Browse through our website to know more. Call us to request a free estimate.