As a processor, distributor, supplier or wholesalers and suppliers, you are likely to encounter a variety of options for the construction of cold storage facility. While you may be tempted to pick up the cheapest one quickly, there are numerous aspects that you need to consider when investing in the industrial refrigeration business.

First thing’s first. Making informed and well-researched decisions goes a long way. Even when buying simple things like groceries and dresses, we tend to compare and go for the best deal, not translated as a cheap deal, but a suitable one. It is important to conduct several levels of research on various options available in the market. It could be as simple as evaluating the cost and benefit for two-process cooling equipment.

Scrutinizing your choices in the production processing, distributing, and supplying industries is extremely important as the investments are huge and you do not want to land in a loss. It is a good idea to begin your research with well-established businesses. Study on how they planned their project, who constructed their facility, also what kind of machinery and equipment they utilize. Gaining insights on these aspects can help you decide what fits your needs the best and sort of lay a foundation on what to expect.

Finding the perfect place

It can be a challenge to find the right spot for your cold storage facility. And the chances are once you find it, you may want to rush into building the infrastructure and starting your business. However, experts recommend first evaluate if space can accommodate your plans. A good idea would be to imagine your needs after five or ten years of business and construct the facility accordingly. Sure, the growth will be rapid and you may end up not using a majority part of your infrastructure initially. But if you decide to grow your line of products or volume, a well-planned and aptly sized space can really be useful in the long term. Things such as accessibility through public transport, proximity to major intersections, the volume of products you decide to store and the logistics network that you will need must be considered when choosing a space.


If this is your first project, you are probably unsure how far and wide you can go as far as the investment is considered. However, a fair amount of research can definitely give you a ballpark on the amount of investment one can expect in such an operation. Getting an experienced and informed opinion from reputed industrial refrigeration contractors such as HECO can help you to get a close estimation of your costs and help you plan your project efficiently. Most business owners would be tempted to go with the lowest bidder for setting up the facility, but half-informed and hasty choices can incur higher costs in the long run.


Now that you may have finalized your construction and space, the next step is to employ the right equipment. Utilizing energy-efficient equipment can help to lower costs for new setups. Measures such as insulation, dock seals, open and close refrigeration areas must be ideally constructed before the operations begin. Experts recommend adding changes only in equipment if needed, at later stages.