Energy usage can quickly drain your business’ budget. Every dollar counts when you are running a successful business. Do not let energy waste stop your business from flourishing. Here are a few tips to help you reduce your business’ energy usage and increase its profit:

Install new air filters

Improving indoor air quality and airflow can make a huge difference in reducing your energy costs. Your commercial HVAC unit will not have to work as hard to move air throughout your building. New air filters also make it easier for your employees to breathe by improving air quality, which means everyone inside will feel more comfortable. You may need to change filters more frequently depending on the industry your company is in and the size of your building. The standard is to change filters at least every three months (every season), but you may need to do it as frequently as every three weeks.

Maintain your commercial HVAC

In addition to changing your HVAC’s air filters, you should also schedule regular maintenance on your unit. Whether you choose to have retrofits or upgrades done, either can drastically improve how your HVAC system works and keep it running smoothly. It will also reduce the likelihood of a major breakdown, which could cost far more than a checkup or update. Newer models have more technological improvements making them more energy-efficient. If you have not already done so, have a preventative maintenance plan in place and reap the cost savings sooner.

Implement energy management

Another great way to decrease energy consumption and waste is by implementing an energy management system. There are sensors on the market that can detect how many people are in a room and change the cooling and heating system accordingly. Weather changes drastically in Canada and, as such, you will likely not be able to stay on top of cooling and heating needs on a regular basis. A different room will also require different temperatures. For example, a conference room should be comfortably warm while a server room needs to be cooler to prevent overheating the machines.

Run energy audits

It is difficult to tell how much energy you are wasting without an energy audit. It can help you get an idea of what your energy usage is costing your business and where you can implement changes. An energy audit is especially eye-opening if you feel blindsided by your monthly bill. The inspector directing the audit will give you a detailed report of any problems and give you recommendations for how to increase your company’s energy efficiency.

Adopt energy saving practices

This one seems obvious, but there are simple things business owners often overlook that can be implemented right away. Start by finding out whether your utility company charges more during peak times. If they do, try to run high-energy consuming productions during off-peak times and encourage your employees to do the same. You can also encourage them to get educated on the energy saving options on various office building equipment such as microwaves, printers, and air conditioners. If these features are already in this equipment, then make sure your business is getting the most use out of it.