Upgrading or repairing your commercial HVAC system is an excellent way to extend its lifespan. Although, eventually, it will require more extensive maintenance that will leave you wondering whether it is time to get a new system altogether. Especially if maintenance is needed more frequently and costing you more and more. Here are a few things to consider when deciding to replace your commercial HVAC unit:

Evaluate repair history

It may have been decades ago when your current commercial HVAC system was assembled and installed. There is likely more modern technology available that would be worthwhile to adopt. While repairs will keep your system running seamlessly, you may want to look at your HVAC’s repair history to decide whether it is time to update it. You should especially consider getting a new model if you found that your unit has needed repairs for the same issues. Do not hesitate to change your system because of the higher upfront cost – faulty HVAC systems can cause much more harm to your business. Poor indoor conditions could offset customers’ opinions of your business since they will feel uncomfortable when they visit. Sometimes, even timely corrective or preventive maintenance might not be enough to keep your system running.

Assess energy costs

Do some research and find out how much energy your current commercial HVAC system is consuming. Repairs and upgrades will keep your unit running but, at some point, newer energy-efficient parts and models will take over potentially making your unit obsolete. As these advances take over, it will likely become difficult to find parts for your older unit, making it cost more to perform repairs. Look into how your current unit has been performing over the last few months and years. After 15 to 20 years, HVAC systems begin to work less efficiently. If you find that your unit is using too much energy, even after maintenance, it is probably time to get a more modern unit.

Consider replacement costs

At some point, it will become a better value to replace your unit altogether rather than continuing to repair it. Preventative maintenance can only do so much, after all. Consistently spending money on repairs can hinder your company’s budget in other fields. Every model and manufacturer is different, with different procedures and maintenance needs. The variety of commercial HVAC units available makes it difficult to narrow down exactly when your specific unit should be replaced. Factors like how often your system has been used and to what extent will also affect its lifespan. A professional with years of experience can help you make that call. In the end, you need to consider all of these factors together and make the most informed decision as possible.

HECO is committed to helping property managers, engineers, building owners, and facility professionals lower their operating expenditures through preventative maintenance. We can develop customized, cost-effective measures that will provide you with energy savings and peace of mind. Call one of our professionals to find out whether your commercial HVAC unit needs replacing yet, or merely some updates.