Commercial Leasing Agreements

The capital cost for refrigeration and HVAC equipment is a significant cost to any business especially when it’s to replace equipment that has just failed.
HECO provides flexible payment terms allowing payments terms from 3, 5, 7 and 10 to help fund projects and get you the equipment to keep your business running.

Triple Bottom Line Analysis

As service experts, we know the cost to maintain old refrigeration equipment. Our financial and technical analysis perform detailed analysis of our customers;

  • Historical Maintenance Cost
  • Equipment Breakdown cost
  • Temporary Fixes
  • Old inefficient equipment
  • Future Cost of Installation
HECO Refrigeration
  • New Equipment Maintenance cost
  • Equipment Breakdown cost
  • New Reliable Equipment
  • Energy Efficient Equipment
  • Current Costs of Installationl

Package with leasing quotations, HECO provides an additional proposal for energy efficient equipment which not only reduces your ECO-Footprint but also reduces the operational cost of our customer’s equipment.

Obsolete refrigeration and HVAC equipment, struggling to maintain the required setpoints and “Band-Aid“solutions to get through the year will harm the product, personnel and therefore the company. HECO cannot quantify this amount, but we do know the value of holding high standards for our employees, customers, and services.



  • Tax Deductible
  • Known Operational Cost
  • Proper Equipment
  • Reduced maintenancet

Capital Cost

  • 0-year depreciation
  • Non-Budgeted Capital Investment
  • “Band-Aid” temporary solutions
  • Continual breakdown of old equipment

Cash Flow Positive Projects

The capital cost of energy saving projects with 2-3 or sometimes 5 year ROI’s can be a questionable investment. However with HECO’s customized solutions utilizing high level PLC Controls and saveONEnergy incentives bring a leasing project it to the positive within the first year.
Below is an example of a cashflow positive Commercial Cost Benefit Analysis for one of our own customers.

freon process cooling

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